Terms and Conditions


REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: Due date for payments is June 20th. Once registered for a class, there is a “no refund” policy. If we need to cancel a class we will refund you the proportional tuition within two weeks.

SIGN IN AND OUT PROCEDURES: We will have a class list, and parents MUST sign their child (regardless of their age) in and out with the date and time for each class. Please accompany your child to the classroom. Drop off from the parking lot is not allowed. After arrival, sign children in on the sheet, and likewise after class when picking up they must be signed back out. Children cannot walk to your car in the parking lot. If your child is taking a class after ours, we will sign him/her out our class and sign him/her in the next class. Please notify us if someone other than the parent is going to be picking up your children. 

EXPECTATION OF BEHAVIOR and CONDUCT: The Windward Homeschool Center is committed to provide an environment in which instructors, students and parents alike can expect to have a courteous, safe, and respectful educational experience with a high standard of behavioral expectations. We require all children to conduct themselves in a respectful and kind manner towards the instructor and other children. We do not tolerate behaviors that adversely impact the experiences of other children. This includes time spent in the classroom, in the bathrooms and during all breaks. We expect that students AND their families actively and thoughtfully embrace these values and follow them. 

Examples of both minor infractions and serious behavior concerns that break WHC Behavior and Conduct Guidelines are: 

1. Theft 

2. Harassment (verbal or non-verbal action which creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive learning environment) 

3. Acts of Physical Aggression or Intimidation (fighting, threatening to fight, inappropriately touching another child or instructor by hitting, pushing, poking, kicking) 

4. Inappropriate Language (swearing, name-calling, vulgarities, inappropriate gesturing) 5. Repetitive and targeted teasing (verbal or physical) 

6. Repetitive Disruption (deliberately disregarding instructor directions, leaving the classroom without permission, and other forms of disruption that require an instructor to move a child to a separate in the classroom in order to manage the classroom) 

7. Damage to Physical Property (this includes student or teacher property as well as Kokokahi YWCA property) 

8. Deliberately leaving the Lodge, classroom or break area while under supervision of an instructor. 

9. Any Act or Behavior that threatens the safety and well-being of other children, the instructor or themselves. 

For minor behavioral issues, children will be given the opportunity to correct their behavior and parents will be notified. Students whose pattern of negative conduct is determined to be continuous may be dismissed from the class entirely. Major infractions (physical aggression, endangering the safety of the students or teacher, damage to physical property) would require immediate dismissal from both the class and the Windward Homeschool Center for the remainder of the semester. 

WATER SHORELINE POLICY: The Windward Homeschool Center is located on waterfront property with access to the shoreline of Kaneohe Bay. A child who deliberately leaves the Lodge, classroom or break area while under our supervision endangers both himself and others. This behavior will not be tolerated. 



 ____I waive any claim against HolaKeiki Spanish School LLC, staff and teachers in the event of an accident, injury or loss of personal items.  I understand that students may be taken out of the classroom and class may be conducted outside on the lawn or near the shoreline).

____ I request that in my absence, the above-named child be admitted to any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment.

____I request and authorize physicians, nurses, dentists and staff, to perform any diagnostic procedures, treatment procedures, and operative procedures to the above-named individual. I have not been given any guarantee as to the results of any treatment if performed on the above name individual. 

____I hereby accept any financial responsibility for any and all medical treatment necessary to be administered to the above-named child in the event of an accident, injury, sickness, etc. Any representative of HolaKeiki Spanish School LLC is designated to act in my behalf until I have been contacted.