¬°Bienvenidos! Welcome to HolaKeiki Spanish School!


n our Spanish for toddlers and preschoolers program, your child will embark on a wonderful language adventure. Children are engaged in different activities conducted in an “all-Spanish” immersion environment. We sing, dance, read stories, mix and match words with toys and play games that encourage verbal communication.


Our children's program makes language learning a cultural adventure and supports students of all language levels, from beginners to heritage speakers, at any grade level. The program has six levels. Each level adds more vocabulary and grammar, creating a solid foundation of the Spanish language. In the books, students meet engaging characters who travel to different Spanish-speaking countries. They learn about the local people, places, culture, food, animals, and of course the language. They use a book in class and practice with a workbook at home. We also create many "hands on" activities for them to have fun while learning.