Our Story


Hola! I am Mariel Garrido Melchor. I moved to Hawaii from Argentina over 10 years ago and this is how my Spanish School began.

HolaKeiki started as an idea after my son was born. I knew for certain his English would be perfect; my husband is American and we live in an English speaking island. I knew I wanted to teach him my mother tongue, Spanish. But what I didn't realize that it would be very difficult to raise him bilingual without a community.  In 2013 I started teaching Mommy and Me Spanish classes, where my son could learn Spanish surrounded by children his age and their moms. My program was growing rapidly and so was my bilingual son. I decided to earn my certification as a Spanish Teacher for children from the University King Juan Carlos in Madrid. In 2015, Leticia Wittig and Maria Phillips, both excellent teachers with long careers in education, joined my school and together we made this wonderful program to teach Spanish!



Our mission is to immerse children in Spanish language so they can learn and appreciate Spanish and the cultures of the different Spanish-speaking countries.